The world’s first spray liquid cooling solution.
Only from AIRSYS.

More than ever, change is critical. With the exponential growth of edge-to-cloud computing, AI technology and other high-density workloads, our world demands more powerful, sustainable solutions beyond air cooling—and the answer is advanced liquid cooling. Revolutionary LiquidRack™ from AIRSYS was designed to exceed those demands, delivering both 100% free cooling and 100% heat recovery for today, tomorrow and ten years from now.

LiquidRack™ changes everything—for every mission-critical application.

Cloud Service

Data Centers


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Next-gen tech?
More like next-century.

This isn’t science fiction. It’s AIRSYS innovation. With LiquidRack™’s proprietary, patented spray technology, 100% free cooling can be achieved anytime, anywhere in the world—no matter how hot the outside environment is.

The evolution is simple, yet significant: two separate spray cooling systems are divided into two circuits (coolant and water) by a heat exchanger. The cold coolant (dielectric fluid) is sprayed onto waterproof servers to remove the heat. The heated coolant then flows back to the plate heat exchanger and dissipates the heat into the water circuit, which is discharged into the atmosphere through the dry cooler.

Waterproof. Future-proof. Foolproof.




less coolant


smaller footprint

Trade your fish tanks for a mess-free, zero-waste, fully-contained liquid cooling solution. Unlike immersion cooling products, which require high volumes of coolant, are inconvenient to service, are at risk for exceeding the load bearing rating of the floor and ultimately waste energy, the spray cooling technology of LiquidRack™ uses 80% less coolant, is easy to maintain with pull-out racks housing slide-out servers, weighs less and saves invaluable floor space, and generates usable energy through heated water.

100% free cooling.
Precision that pays off.

Long live the servers in your center. By delivering the highest possible outlet liquid temperature at 167°F, only LiquidRack™ completely eliminates the need for a compressor, all while ensuring your data center operates at a PUE of lower than 1.03 and 100% free cooling.

Say goodbye to less-efficient immersion systems, where uneven cooling temperatures impact energy performance, increase the maintenance workload and shorten the product lifespan of your servers. LiquidRack™ sprays fluid directly on CPUs point-to-point to eliminate uneven temperatures and remove heat faster. Plus, LiquidRack™ has a higher cooling density of 20kW per m2 (compared to 8.7kW in an immersion system), and includes two high-reliability pumps and a high-efficiency heat exchanger.


heat removal


cooling density


more efficient than immersion systems

The heir to air cooling: a seamless transition.

Think making the leap to liquid cooling is a leap? Think again: nearly effortless installation and a nearly identical footprint makes LiquidRack™ ideal for retrofitting existing data centers. In fact, the physical building or architecture of the data center can stay the same, as can most of the existing IT and M&E. No sweat. No risk. No expensive CAPEX.

Ultra-sustainable. And self-sustaining.




Hot Water


Green House


Eject/Absorption Refrigeration

Zero wasted energy. Unlimited possibilities. How we cool the data infrastructures that run our world today will power the sustainable cities of our future. LiquidRack™ is the world’s first ICT cooling solution that offers 100% heat recovery in the form of hot water generated. This high temperature water can be used for industrial processes, steam generation, heating for building occupants—and could even eliminate hot water bills in hospitals, hotels and high rise dwellings.

It’s time to redefine scalability: not only the ability to expand your data center today, but how you lay a flexible foundation that can scale to meet bold possibilities generations from now.

Watch innovation in flow.

More than pioneers and innovators.


The LiquidRack™ is backed by AIRSYS’ nearly 30 years of experience, full-spectrum customer service, cost-saving programs, worldwide operations and established, reliable supply chain.

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